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You've seen that list of search results down the left side of the page on Google, right?

Would you like to have your website listed in that list?
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Or, how about having your website listed at the top of that list -#1 on Google?
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  Now you can.

I've ranked numerous websites #1 on Google.  I've ranked #1 and #2, and had up to 5 listings on the same page!  That's controlling half of the total listings on the page.

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Here is a sampling of what you'll have immediate access to:

  • How to easily write content that will make Google love your website.

  • Search Engine Optimization made simple.  Don't buy into the idea that SEO is complicated.  It's not.  And it doesn't take "techie" skills, either.

  • How to select keywords that Google will rank and send you traffic.

  • The part of your website page that is most important.  Ignore this, and Google just might ignore you.

  • How to get the kind of links that score with Google  -not all links are created equal.

  • How to avoid the mistakes that will make Google penalize you.

  • How to correctly use articles to score high ranking.

  • The best Article Directories to submit to for maximum return.

  • 254  Article Directories.

  • The top 50 article directories.

Imagine the traffic flow of visitors to your website when you rank at, or even near, the top of Google!  And imagine what that can mean to your pocket book.

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I'm Doug Stratemeyer.  I've been a lawyer since 1992, and I've been doing business on the Internet since 2003.

I've written four books about doing business on line, Internet marketing, and search engine optimization.  I've given speaking presentations across America showing people how to do business on line.  And, I've ranked numerous websites number 1 on Google, and achieved multiple rankings on page one.

And now I'll show you how to do the same thing.

First with my new e-book.  You'll learn the proven system for ranking #1 on Google.  I don't mean the paid listings where you can lose your shirt in a New York minute if you make a mistake.

I'm showing you how to rank number 1 on Google in the FREE listings.

Did you know the huge majority of people look at the free listings first when they search on Google?  If you're not listed there, you're losing out on these visitors coming to your website.

In addition to the FREE e-book, I'll continue to show you tips and strategies for succeeding on line in my newsletter.  All FREE!

Plus I'll give you tips about what you need to know to stay compliant with the law.  Have you heard?  The law changed in December 2009.  And the changes apply to you if you're doing any kind of business on line ...and off line.

A violation of these laws can bring a fine of $11,000 for a single violation.  And the penalties include jail for some violations.  The Federal Trade Commission isn't playing around!

You might have heard about these changes from other internet marketers.  They tell you the law has changed, and then say something like, "I'm not a lawyer, but here's what I think it means".  Have you heard that?

Well, I am a lawyer.  I can tell you what the law means.

You're under no obligation.  You can cancel your FREE membership to Internet Shark™ at any time, although few people ever do.  You'll find benefit in every issue whether you're an entrepreneur, have a professional practice, or are just starting out.

Here's what some folks say...

"I subscribe to Doug's newsletter and hw knows what he is talking about, so I would definitely take his advice on doing business on line".
-Michele McNeil

"Doug's e-book is defintely worth reading.  It's not overly long and is not polluted with techo-minutiae.  It's just a very straightforward and concise explanation of improving your online marketing efforts.  It's more than you would learn if you paid $100 or more to attend a one-day conference on this topic.  I have done a lot of research and emplementation work on this stuff, too, and in my view, Doug's book is clearly a time-saving and convenient way to learn the material quickly.  It would also be a serious mistake to project its value at zero just because it's free.  It's a good roadmap of what you need to do and why."

-Cletus Weber

So Let's Recap...

When you sign up below, here is what you will receive:

  • How To Rank #1 on Google:  A Strategic Blueprint for Launching Your Website to the Top.  The e-book sells for $37, but you will receive it FREE and have immediate access to the benefits outlined above ...and more!

  • A FREE membership to my e-mail newsletter, Internet Shark™, with Internet success tips and strategies, and updates on what you need to know to do business on line and stay compliant with the law.

I'm not some fly-by-night "Internet marketer" with another "scheme".

I've been doing business on the Internet, and making money on the Internet, ...well, almost from the time Al Gore invented it.

I deal in ethical, proven methods.  You won't be receiving questionable, "black-hat" tricks that will get you banned by Google and the other search engines.

That's why you don't see any fantastic, unbelievable claims on this page.  I don't need to do that.  I know what I'm doing.

I'm sharing with you the powerful, proven methods I've used to rank well, provide benefit to people, and make money ...and which I'm still using today.  How powerful?  Well, when the economy was tanking, and many law firms and lawyers were going down the drain, my Internet presence delivered some of my all-time best months.

You can do this.  You can succeed on line, and then achieve even greater success.  All you need is a proven, ethical system that delivers results.  And I'm giving it to you.

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